Saturday, March 21, 2015

Location =  Tunnel Canyon  
Distance =  10.0
Time =  3 Hours
Ave. Speed =  Slow
Max. Speed =  Not Very Fast
Monthly Dist. =    72.28
Yearly Dist. =  237.92

The weather has been playing games all winter with regards to riding. We have had a series of snowfalls followed by immediate warming which has led to an endless stream of mud. Just when it looked like things might finally dry out, it rained. Then the sun came out and the lower elevations looked like they might be rideable. I called up Ed, the UPS man, and we scheduled a ride to start at 6:00 p.m. at Tunnel Canyon.

I played five sets of tennis in the morning and after that I had several hours to get ready for the ride. I carefully packed my backpack making sure that I would have everything I needed. I only forgot two things. One of them was my speedometer. It has been so long since I have gone for a mountain bike ride that I actually grabbed the wrong one as I headed out the door. The other thing that I forgot was a spare tube. That was bad.

We met at the trailhead and started out heading for Otero Canyon. I haven't been riding much and I was working pretty hard. Ed was having a much easier time of it compared to me. I have to work on my fitness. We made it over the hill and up Otero and then we headed up Westridge Trail. We climbed up Westridge to the top of the hill and we stopped to put on our headlights.

The trail started heading north towards Tunnel Canyon and everything seemed right with the world. Then I started to feel my front wheel become a bit squishy. Bummer! Flat tire! Worse bummer -- no spare tube! What an idiot! Ed had a 29 inch tube but I didn't want to use it if I didn't have to. I tried putting some air in the tire but that only lasted about five minutes. Finally, we stopped and I put in the 29er. I aired it up gently and we were back on the trail.

The ride went from misery to fun and we swooped our way down Birdhouse Trail and back to the parking lot without any further incident. Before we went our seperate ways we decided to try to ride again next week. We'll see what happens.

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