Sunday, May 24, 2015

Location =  To Sandia Crest and Back  
Distance =  62.41
Time =  6:30:11
Ave. Speed =  9.5
Max. Speed =  43.0
Monthly Dist. =    62.41
Yearly Dist. =  380.69

I was going to attempt this ride last week but I didn't feel as if I was ready. I rode on the stationary bike this week several times, in order to try and prepare myself for the ride. I think it worked a little bit, because I rode about 30 minutes faster this month when compared to last month.

I left the house at 8:00 and headed down the road. I fought a headwind down 337 but it let up when I got down to the freeway. I stopped at the sidewalk to take off my headband and my full-fingered gloves and then I continued through Cedar Crest to my break spot at the Y. I ate a PowerBar and then began the long climb.

It was Memorial weekend and there was a good amount of traffic on the road. There was also a good amount of bicyclists on the road, as well, many of whom were passing me. It wasn't as bad as last month. I just kept listening to the music and turning the pedals. I stopped at Capulin for a quick break but I didn't stop for too long, because dark clouds were starting to form. I got back on the bike and headed for the top.

I arrived at the top and went inside to warm up and get a couple of cookies. I didn't have any cash but I was so hungry that I charged two cookies on my Visa card. They were delicious. I hung out for a few minutes and then headed out into 40 degrees. The first few miles were chilly but it warmed up nicely by the time I reached the bottom. Temps were in the upper 60s around the gas station.

I filled up on water and then headed for home. I got sprinkled on a little bit in Cedar Crest, but the clouds were going north and I was going south so it didn't amount to much. I started the climb up 337 and things started to look a little bit more moist. The sprinkling started again and I was riding into a headwind. I plugged along and the sprinkling became off and on and above Otero Canyon the headwind turned into a tailwind. This wasn't so bad. I endured a little bit more sprinkling that never really got me wet and then I was back to Raven Road and home free. Another Streak Ride is done!

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