Saturday, July 11, 2015

Location =  Mars Court  
Distance =  10.01
Time =  1:46:08
Ave. Speed =  5.6
Max. Speed =  14.6
Monthly Dist. =    10.01
Yearly Dist. =  452.77

It's been a long time, but I finally managed to get in a ride with Sofie. We are both out of shape so we went very slowly and took lots of breaks. We've been getting so much rain this summer that it's been difficult to find a day when I'm not working that's also dry enough to ride on the trails.

We left from the house and headed over to Mars Court. I offered Sofie some water when we got to the trailhead but she wasn't interested. There were a couple people there that she said hi to, and then we started down Turkey Trot. We passed two ladies who were out jogging with their dog who was on a leash. As we went by, one of the ladies said to their dog, "Why can't you be a good dog like her?" Sofie is the best dog!

As we got farther out on the trail you could see where the Forest Service had driven the "Masticator." To follow up on their thinning and burning over the past two years, they have been driving the Masticator through the forest and shredding the slash that is still laying on the ground, all over the place. It's an amazing scene of destruction right now, but it will look good in a couple of years.

We continued down the trail and we saw a deer which made Sofie want to give chase. I told her no and she stopped. We got down to David Canyon and found some shade for a break. Now, Sofie was ready to drink. After a few minutes rest we started up Turkey Trot on the west side of David Canyon. It was time for me to suffer. I struggled with the difficult climb and walked all the hard parts. I need to work on getting my climbing legs back in shape.

We finally made it up to the ridge where we continued on Turkey Trot. We saw a big turkey flying away from us. That was really nice to see. We continued on the trail and took the fork to the right to head back on the road. We saw another deer on the way back to David Canyon but Sofie didn't bother to chase this one. The thinned out forest makes it a lot easier to see a lot farther.

We stopped one more time so Sofie could rest and get another drink of water and then we headed back to the house. It was a mostly sunny day with temps in the low 80s. It was very nice to be out on the trails.

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