Sunday, August 9, 2015

Location =  Mars Court  
Distance =  9.33
Time =  1:32:55
Ave. Speed =  6.0
Max. Speed =  18.4
Monthly Dist. =    9.33
Yearly Dist. =  524.30

Sofie and I left from the house and headed for Mars Court. I offered her a drink at the trailhead but she wasn't interested. I offered her water a number of times but she only drank during a couple of stops. At least I offered.

We started down Wild Turkey trail and passed a couple of ladies who were out runnung with their dog. They stepped off of the trail and let us pass. On David Canyon Road we passed some hikers who had three dogs. Everyone was well behaved and we headed for the road up to the ridge. We rode to the ridge and then to the flat rock viewpoint on 106. There's a tough climb, finished off with a walk to get to the viewpoint, but it's worth it. We spent a few minutes there, hanging out in the shade, and then we were moving again.

We rode to the main intersection and then headed up Cajun Pine towards Mars Court. I almost cleared the rocky section on Cajun Pine. One more rock and I would have made it. We continued onward and I started daydreaming, when another mountain biker suddenly appeared without warning. I didn't see or hear him and was taken by suprise. I came to a sudden stop and fell over with one foot still clipped into a pedal. I tried to grab the brush as I fell over but it was skinny oak and it couldn't hold me up. I had a couple of little scratches but it was no big deal.

Once I got back on the bike we rode to the trailhead and I offered Sofie a final drink before going home. She wasn't interested in the water, or the horses that were getting saddled up for a trail ride.

Temps were in the upper 70s and lower 80s for this ride, and mostly sunny. Sofie did take a long drink of water when we got back to the house.

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