Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Location =  Mars Court  
Distance =  9.86
Time =  1:43:57
Ave. Speed =  5.6
Max. Speed =  21.0
Monthly Dist. =    110.36
Yearly Dist. =  625.33

Sofie and I left from the house and headed over to Mars Court. Our plan was to take the forest trails over to Entrada de Cibola and find a guy that I work with, named Joe. All I knew was that he lives somewhere in that neighborhood and that he has a '56 Ford truck in his driveway.

When we got to Mars Court we went on the road to Cajun Pine and then started looking for the trail that heads down to Joe's neighborhood. We missed the trail two times before I finally spotted it. It hasn't been used much this year. We went down into the neighborhood and after about 20 minutes of riding around we found Joe's house!

Joe has been living at his place since the 1980s and is completely off-grid. He has several little shacks and carports and, of course, an outhouse. I don't want to imagine what it must be like in the winter. Joe showed us around his place, pointing out his solar electricity and all of his water catchment. It's quite amazing.

Sofie and I hung out with Joe for about an hour and then we headed up the road into the national forest. The road quickly becomes a trail and it is a fairly short climb back up to Cajun Pine. Unfortunately, that short climb back up was long enough to hurt me. There was a spot that had some loose dirt and I spun out on it trying to clear a steep spot. When the real wheel started spinning I lost my momentum, and before I could get unclipped from my pedals I fell over to my left. The top of my left leg landed right on a rock and it gave me a painful charlie horse, as well as drawing a few drops of blood from my flesh. Ouch!

I got up out of the dirt and we headed for the trailhead. I decided to ride back on Wild Turkey so we crossed the road and went up that trail. Near the top we saw a lady struggling to hold on to a dog that was on a leash. She was saying something about the dog being new to a leash and that I should make sure that my dog stays away. Sofie made sure of that. I don't have to worry too much about her approaching a dog that's not nice. She's too smart for that. As we were passing her and her dog, she said that she had seen us a few days earlier at the pond, while she was struggling with her two bigger dogs. I realized then that the guy I thought I saw was actually a woman. She confirmed my thoughts that it was a good idea that I did not go down to the pond that day.

The rest of the ride back to the house was uneventful and Sofie had her big drink of water when we got there.

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