Sunday, September 13, 2015

Location =  Moab, Utah  
Distance =  30.48
Time =  5:31:43
Ave. Speed =  5.4
Max. Speed =  23.5
Monthly Dist. =    96.77
Yearly Dist. =  722.10

Porcupine Rim kicked my ass.

I know that the first few miles are hard but I don't remember them being this hard. Did the earth tilt on it's axis, since last year? I had to walk a lot of spots that in past years, I don't remember having to walk. Maybe my memory is failing me, as well as my body.

I started the ride at about 9:00 a.m. while it was still warm, but not hot. My intentions were to take it easy and have fun. I took it hard, but I did still have fun. After suffering through the initial climb I stopped on the rim and took the obligatory picture of Castle Valley. Beautiful!

After a PowerBar break I was ready to take on the rest of the trail. There were times when I rode with skill and finesse, and other times when I rode like I had never been on a bike before. I was very inconsistent with my riding and I walked around more obstacles than I probably should have. I had a minor crash that drew blood from my left arm, and that didn't do anything to help my confidence. I crashed again at another spot and I ended up on my back between two boulders. Before I could extricate myself from my predicament another rider came on the scene. He asked if I was okay and I was fine. It was a gentle crash. The weird thing of it was -- that was the only other rider I saw out on the trail the entire time I was out there. The place was deserted.

I slowly made my way down to the highway, dismounting whenever I needed to in order to protect myself from danger. It's a good thing that I wasn't in a hurry. I did, eventually, make it to the river and I finished my water on the way to town. There is a new parking lot with bathrooms and a drinking fountain and some trail infrastructure at the north end of town. I drank enough water to get me to the Poison Spider bike shop where I took a break and filled up my camelback.

I took my time with the ride through town and then back up to the campground. I struggled at times and I even stopped on occasion in order to catch my breath. I've got to do a lot more work in order to get ready for next year.

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