Friday, December 4, 2015

Location =  Tunnel Canyon  
Distance =  9.55
Time =  1:50:59
Ave. Speed =  5.1
Max. Speed =  13.4
Monthly Dist. =    71.82
Yearly Dist. =  1007.57

Sofie and I drove down to Tunnel Canyon and started our ride from there. I have been thinking of test riding some 29" wheeled bikes and seeing how they ride. The climb out of Tunnel Canyon to Otero would be a good place to make a comparison. It's challenging, but doable.

I was working very hard on the climb and we came upon some hikers. They stepped off of the trail and let us go by. Sofie was nervous about going past them but she scooted on by. We finally topped out at West Ridge and then descended down to Otero. We stopped so Sofie could drink a little water and then we continued up Otero Canyon. We rode up Otero and then turned up West Ridge trail. There were a few damp spots on West Ridge and on upper Otero but there was no real mud. Trail conditions were quite good.

We climbed up to the ridge and then we stopped for another Sofie water break. From there we continued our ride by taking Birdhouse Trail back to the Tunnel Canyon trailhead. It was a mostly overcast day with temps in the mid 40s.

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