Thursday. February 11, 2016

Location =  To Sandia Crest and Back  
Distance =  61.94
Time =  6:45:57
Ave. Speed =  9.1
Max. Speed =  39.0
Monthly Dist. =    61.94
Yearly Dist. =  123.94

This ride was a lot easier than last month. It hasn't snowed in days so I knew that I could take my skinny-tire road bike and that there wouldn't be any problems. That was the case.

I left the house at 8:00 a.m. and headed down the hill. Less than a mile from the house there were two dogs in the road. I rode my bike straight at them while saying, "No!" and it seemed to do the trick. If that keeps happening I'm going to bring it up with animal control.

It was cool out, in the upper 20s, but it was sunny and warming up quickly. On the far side of I40 I took off my warm gloves and opened up some zippers. I rode to my break spot at the Y and took my break in the road because of snow drifts. They'll probably be gone by next month.

I began the climb up the mountain with too much clothing. About a mile up the hill I overheated and was forced to stop and take off my headband and open my zippers a little wider. That is not a bad problem to have on a February bike ride. I found a good pace and rode up to Capulin to take my second break. There was a picnic table near the host site that I could get to without walking through snow, so I took advantage of that. After eating a PowerBar I was back on the bike and heading for the top.

I made it up to the Crest House and had to use the door of the snack bar to get in instead of the gift shop door because it was blocked by snow and ice. I only spent a few minutes inside because I really didn't need to warm up. It was 38 degrees up there which was practically balmy. The ride down didn't start out balmy due to the wind chill and some water on the road. The top three miles had melted snow running across the road which caused me to slow down through that section to avoid an icy shower. Once I got down below 10,000 feet conditions improved and I didn't have any problems.

I filled up on water at the Shell station and then I was headed for home. I felt good going up 337 and it was nice to get home with the sun still high in the sky. Temps topped out in the high 50s which was very nice.

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