Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Location =  Mars Court  
Distance =  10.40
Time =  
Ave. Speed =  
Max. Speed =  
Monthly Dist. =    10.40
Yearly Dist. =  176.72

This bike ride marks the beginning of a new era in my bike riding existence. Over this past winter I found a new mountain bike on ebay that will change everything about how I ride in the forest. I've been waiting patiently for Mars Court to dry out enough so that I could take the new bike out the trails. That day has finally arrived and the bike has exceeded my expectations.

The bike is a 29", 2014, Cannondale Scalpel, Team Edition. It is very light and very fast. The ease with which it rolls over things is amazing and it accelerates like a dream. Wow!

It has been a while since Sofie and I have been on a bike ride so I made this first one easy. We went out in mid-afternoon with temps in the 50s. I stopped at Mars Court to see if Sofie would drink some water and I noticed that my front tire was low. The tires are tubeless so I was hoping that it was nothing more than some air burping out of the tire. I pumped some air into it and then we headed down Turkey Trot. Sofie did not drink any water.

The beginning of Turkey Trot is extremely rocky and the new bike smoothed it out in a big way. The bike was very fast so I kept my speed down in order to take it easy on the dog. She wasn't having any problems keeping up and we rolled down into David Canyon and took a break. Sofie drank some water and we rested for a couple minutes before heading out. I had planned on continuing up Turkey Trot but Sofie found some smells on David Canyon Road that were irresistible, so we went that way.

We rode all the way up to the reservation and on the way we passed through an area that had been recently thinned and masticated. This is what it looks like after the masticator passes through.

On the way back we stopped briefly by the pond so that Sofie could have another drink of water. The pond is pretty full of water at the moment. It won't stay full for very long if we don't get some more snow or rain.

We took Raven Road back to the house and we passed some people who were waiting for their kids at the bus stop. One lady made a comment about what a good dog I had. I know that!

The computer on my bike didn't work so I used the mileage from my smartphone app. I'm going to try and have it working before the next ride.

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