Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Location =  Mars Court to Pine Flat to Oak Flat  
Distance =  16.55
Time =  2:39:09
Ave. Speed =  6.2
Max. Speed =  34.2
Monthly Dist. =    16.55
Yearly Dist. =  376.10

I went out for a mountain bike ride in the early afternoon and for the first time with my new bike I did not take Sofie along. She looked sad as I pedaled away down the driveway. Without Sofie I can go a little bit faster and take fewer breaks, but I miss having her with me.

I rode over to Mars Court and then over to Southern Crossing for the trip to the other side of the highway. While I was on Southern Crossing a pine cone fell out of a tree and hit directly on top on my front tire. Perfect shot. On the way back it almost happened again, with a pine cone missing my tire by about 2 inches.

I hooked up with Deadman trail and took it down to Pine Flat. From there I cut over to Gambel Spur and took that to Poker Chip. My plan was to take Poker Chip to Juan Tomas and turn left and then climb the road that goes to the top of Cedro Peak. Unfortunately, I was slower and weaker than I thought I was going to be so I change my plan to looping back by way of Oak Flat. I turned right at Juan Tomas and then took Mahogany until I stopped for a break at the artificial pond.

The saucer on top catches the rain and snow and collects it in the tank. Down the hill a little ways is what I call a "bathtub" (I'm sure that's not it's real name), where animals can get a drink. It's seems like a better idea than trying to use pond liner to collect a puddle on the ground.

After a few minutes I continued up Mahogany and then took Easy Pickings to the picnic table where I took another break because it was just so beautiful. I soaked in the view for a while and then headed back to Southern Crossing to get back to the the west side of the highway. Shortly after crossing the road I attemped to ride over a smooth rock that was angled at about 35 or 40 degrees. I had ridden over it before, but not this time. I slid down onto my left arm and I immediately thought to myself -- "Damn, I need to get some elbow pads." I refused to look at the damage until I got back to the house but I knew that I was bleeding. My first crash on the new bike. The good news is, I didn't scratch the bike!

I took it easy for the rest of the ride back to the house. It was a partly cloudy day with temps in the 60s and windy at times.

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