Wednesday, August 26, 2016

Location =  Mars Court  
Distance =  10.92
Time =  1:58:46
Ave. Speed =  5.52
Max. Speed =  14.96
Monthly Dist. =    71.95
Yearly Dist. =  652.01

Sofie and I headed out to Mars Court to go for a bike ride. It's been a while so we stopped often for water breaks. We took Wild Turkey to Cajun Pine and then took 106 to Blue Ribbon and then down to the intersection with Gnasty with a G. We took a longer break there and then we headed back up the hill.

On the way back up Blue Ribbon two pit bulls appeared on the trail with no humans around. They both had collars and didn't seem menacing so I just continued pedaling up the hill. They turned around and started following along with us and I could tell that Sofie was not happy. One of the pit bulls started to get pushy and growled at her and that's when I stopped and told them that they would have to leave. They seemed like they had hurt feelings when I yelled at them but they turned around and left. Sofie ran in front of me all the way back to 106, just to make sure that they were gone.

Once we were back on the road we stayed on David Canyon to get back to Mars Court. On the way there a flock of about 30 or 40 Ravens flew low through the trees right over our heads. It reminded me of the flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz. It was really cool.

My Runtastic bicycle app has been having some issues with my heart rate monitor so I'm using a different app called Endomondo. This app works with my hrm but it some issues with the auto-pause feature. It often thinks that I have come to a stop, especially on uphill switchbacks, and at other times it doesn't seem to recognize when I have stopped, and it keeps on running. The time and average speed are way off on this ride.

It was nice to finally get a dry day when I wasn't working so we could go for a ride in the forest. It was mostly sunny with temps around 80.

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