Friday, August 31, 2016

Location =  Mars Court  
Distance =  9.39
Time =  1:34:42
Ave. Speed =   5.95
Max. Speed =  17.88
Monthly Dist. =    70.42
Yearly Dist. =  650.48

Sofie and I left the house after lunch and headed for Mars Court. On the way there the little chihuahua on Raven Road came out and started chasing us. Sofie was very upset and got right up against my leg as I was pedaling to try and get away from the little dog. I was hoping that she would turn around and bite the pest. Eventually, we rode beyond his range and he went back to his house.

We made it over to Mars Court and I stopped for a minute to give Sofie a drink of water. She drank some and then we headed down the road to Cajun Pine. We rode over to the trail to Joe's neighborhood and then stopped again for Sofie to have another drink of water. We continued down the trail which hasn't been used much and it seemed to disappear into the vegetation. I could see a house that we wanted to get to but the trail was nowhere to be found. We walked through the woods until we found our way out. A little dog knew that we were there and he was barking his head off at us. His owner came out to see what all the fuss was about and when she saw Sofie and I, she realized that her dog was just being a good watchdog.

We rode down to Joe's house and he was happy to see us. I've been telling him for weeks that we would be stopping by but it's either been too wet or something else has always come up. He's working on a new project, a 1986 Toyota truck that he's putting together. He knows what he's doing. We hung out with Joe for a while until the sky started to get dark and then we headed back out on the road.

We went up Entrada de Cibola to the highway and then crossed over to Deadman and took it down to the picnic tables where we took another break. After a few minutes we were back on the trail. We took Southern Crossing back over the highway and then headed back to Mars Court.

It was a nice day to go for a ride. It was mostly cloudy with temps in the upper 70s.

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