Friday, November 11, 2016

Location =  To Sandia Crest and Back  
Distance =  61.34
Time =  7:08:55
Ave. Speed =  8.6
Max. Speed =  38.5
Monthly Dist. =    61.34
Yearly Dist. =  858.10

I haven't done any riding since last month but I have been doing my floor exercises. That's not enough. I suffered on this ride and it's all my fault. I'm going to consider this my low point and I promise that I will do better.

I headed out a little before 8:00 a.m. and started down the hill. Temps were in the 30s on the way to the freeway but they quickly climbed into the 40s in Cedar Crest. I took my headband and warm gloves off when I hit the sidewalk on the north side of I40. I was over dressed a little bit with two pair of long underwear and two shirts and a jacket. I kept mostly kept things unzipped and untucked.

I took my usual break at the Y and then I headed up the mountain. I knew that I felt weak as I started out so I didn't try to find any extra speed. I took my time and started to pedaled slowly up the hill, but I couldn't go slow enough. I found myself becoming more and more exhausted and it got worse as I gained elevation. I started to suffer from pain and soreness in my right shoulder and on the right side of my neck. Thnigs were not going well.I found myself having to stop and rest every 1/2 mile or so in order to gain strength to keep going. I wanted to quit but I refused to throw in the towel. I took my break at Capulin and then it was more of the same, all the way to the top. I was out of water and energy when I finally got there, but I was happy, I think..... (Why do I do this?)

It was pretty cold at the top, probably around 35 degrees. I couldn't read the thermometer because the door was closed and I didn't feel like going inside to try and read it. 35 is a guess. I rested up a few minutes and then I headed down the mountain. As I started out another rider was just pulling in. He was wearing shorts and had zinc all over his face to protect his skin. He looked worse than I felt. I hope that he had something with him to cover his legs with for the ride down, or else he was going to be mighty cold. Maybe someone was going to come and pick him up. I'll never know.

I had all my clothes on for the ride down which included my face mask. I didn't want to deal with any more stress than necessary. I made it to the gas station where I filled up on water, put away a bunch of clothes, and then headed for home. As I was riding by the Ribs Restaurant shopping area there were two cars at the driveway, one going out and one coming in. I checked them out to make sure they weren't going to run me over and then I rode on by. One of the cars honked their horn after I had passed by but I didn't think anything about it. The next morning Bill Packer called and said that It was he and Jane in the car turning in and they were the ones who honked. It's a small world.

I stuggled with the climb back up 337 and I had to stop a couple of times and rest in order to find the strength to keep going. Let this be a lesson to me.

Overall, the day was spectacular. It was mostly sunny with very little wind. I'm glad that that's over with.

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