Monday, February 27, 2017

Location =  Mars Court  
Distance =  9.72
Time =  1:49:59
Ave. Speed =  5.3
Max. Speed =  22.3
Monthly Dist. =    71.07
Yearly Dist. =  132.67

Sofie and I headed out for our first bike ride of the year. Conditions have not been very good in the last few months. We have had a series of small snowfalls that create mud as they melt. Just when you think that things are going to dry up and be rideable, it snows again. Finally, the day has arrived where I felt areas of Mars Court would be ridable with only a minimal amount of mud and wet. I was right!

We stopped at the trailhead for our first water break and then headed down Wild Turkey to Cajun Turkey. From there we went down to the major intersection and then rode down 106 to the weird pinon tree where we took our second water break. I was struggling with any kind of steep climb. More than once I got off and walked. I need more practice.

We started heading back on 106 and then veered off onto Drop In. Drop In trail goes around a big hill rather than over it. It took us back to the intersection where we then went on David Canyon Road to the pond where we took our third and final water break. From there it was up Wild Turkey and back to the house.

Sofie and I were both tired after this one.

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