Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Location =  Cedro Peak Loop Ride  
Distance =  26.68
Time =  4:02:23
Ave. Speed =  6.6
Max. Speed =  31.7
Monthly Dist. =    26.68
Yearly Dist. =  361.84

I finally dusted off my mountain bike and went out for a ride on the dirt. It's seems like it's been a very long time since my last ride off road.

I started out by heading to Mars Court and then taking Cajun Pine over towards Joe's house. I finally found the part of the trail that I had been missing which would cause me to end up in someone's backyard. This time I found the right trail but Joe wasn't home. I continued the ride over to the highway and crossed over at Deadman and rode down to the Deadman Trail. I missed that trail at first but then I circled back around and found it on the second try. From there I rode down to Pine Flat and then looked for the trail the connects to Gambel Spur. I missed that trail at first and then had to double back before I found it on my second try.

Gambel Spur took me over to Poker Chip and I took that to Juan Tomas Road. I took Juan Tomas back towards the highway and then climbed the dirt road up to Cedro Peak. I started to feel some fatigue as I neared the summit so I stopped for a minute or two, about a half mile from the top. Those couple of minutes of rest were about the only break I had on this ride. My total pause time was less than 5 minutes.

There were a couple of Forest Service workers at the top doing something with a shovel, but they didn't notice me as I circled around a couple of times and then headed down the singletrack. I walked down a couple of dropoffs that seemed a little steep. I wasn't in the mood for crashing. The trail put me back on the road and then I turned towards Cedro Peak campground. I turned back onto Juan Tomas and took the road back to Magnolia which lead me to Oak Flat. I cut over on Easy Pickins and then walked the little section by the picnic table. That piece of trail strikes fear in me for some reason. I could probably ride it if I had the nerve to give it a try.

I took the Oak Flat Connector to Deadman and then got on Southern Crossing to go back over to the west side of the highway. As I was crossing the street there was lady walking her horse from west to east. We passed each other with a friendly, "Hello." I continued heading back towards Mars Court and wouldn't you know it, I fell over on some rocks. Luckily, I had remembered to wear my elbow pads which probably prevented a minor scrape. Unfortunately, I don't have any knee pads and a rock took a pretty good chunk out of my left shin, just below my knee. I'm not sure that knee pads would have saved me from spilling blood, but it's possible that they may have. I think that I will go to the bike shop and try a pair on and see how much protection they offer. I can't seem to ride my mountain bike without falling off at least once. I'm glad that I have enough sense to walk down some of the things that I come across or it might be even worse!

It was a beautiful, sunny day, with temps in the low to mid 80s. It felt good to get out and ride!

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