Friday, September 8, 2017

Location =  To Sandia Crest and Back  
Distance =  61.28
Time =  6:04:34
Ave. Speed =  10.1
Max. Speed =  42.4
Monthly Dist. =    79.53
Yearly Dist. =  738.53

Before I began this ride I had issues with water. I woke up feeling slightly dehydrated and immediately started drinking extra amounts of water. I had at least six or seven glasses of water before I even left the house. This took care of any feelings of dehydration and risk of cramps that I might have had, but it also caused me to have to pull over and pee, a lot. It was a worthwhile trade off.

I left the house a little bit after 8:00 a.m. and headed down 337. I could have left the house 30 minutes earlier but it was a little bit cool out. It was probably in the low 50s when I hit the streets. It was cool enough that I was wearing my arm warmers.

I immediately had issues with my water and also my music. The end of my camelback was dripping water and it was all my fault. The night before the ride I noticed some discoloration in the mouthpiece of my Camelback tube. I decided to put it in boiling water for five minutes and kill anything that might be growing in there. When I finished doing that I filled it up and put it in the refrigerator so that it would be nice and chilled for my ride. Unfortunately, I somehow managed to screw up the mouthpiece and it was leaking water. It even leaked with the shutoff valve turned OFF! Darn! I tried chewing on the end a little bit but it didn't help. The only thing I could think of to do was to blow the water out of the tube and back into the bag. This would work but every time I needed to take a drink of water I would have to suck out the air to reach the water and then blow the water back out again. It was a nuisance but it was workable. As for my music messing up -- I had to stop twice within the first two miles in order to restart the music because it had stopped. After that, it was fine.

I rode down 337 and then up N14 to my break spot near the Y. I spent a few minutes there and then I began the long climb to the top. A couple miles up I took a drink of water and I forgot to blow the water out of the tube. A few minutes later I realized that it had stopped leaking. Nice!

There were a couple of very large bear poops in the road near the ski area. One of them looked to be fairly fresh. I continued up to Capulin and took my break there at my usual picnic table. The place was deserted except for one car that was there when I got there and another one that came and left while I was there. It was very peaceful as I sat and ate my PowerBar. As I was getting ready to leave I noticed that an unknown amount of water had managed to leak out of my backpack because of the way I had set it down. Now, I was very happy that I had managed to force down as many glasses of water as I did before I left.

I got back on the road and about a mile above Capulin I saw a cell phone laying in the road. The screen was cracked but it was working. I put it in my backpack and was hoping that somebody would call it and I could try to reunite it with its owner. As I was getting ready to leave a little bit of red caught my eye in the bushes. I found one perfect rasberry just waiting for me to eat it. It was delicious. I looked around for some more but there was just the one.

I rode up to the parking lot at the top and took a break by the gift shop. I was feeling pretty good. I wasn't working really hard but I wasn't totally slacking off, either. I was riding in my happy zone. I only stayed long enough to check the thermometer, which said 60 degrees, and then I was rolling down the hill. I didn't bother with a jacket because I knew that it would be warm soon.

I filled up on water at the gas station and then I was heading for home. As I hit 337 I felt like I was making pretty good time and that with a little bit of effort I might be able to make it back near the six hour mark. I increased my effort as I climbed the last ten miles and came in just under 6 hours and 5 minutes. I have to be happy with that. I did not expect to be that fast. Well, fast for me. It's all relative.

The day turned out to be sunny and warm. Temps were in the upper 80s at the lower elevations.

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