Thursday, September 21, 2017

Location =  Moab, Utah  
Distance =  9.03
Time =  1:58:11
Ave. Speed =  4.6
Max. Speed =  15.8
Monthly Dist. =    157.05
Yearly Dist. =  816.05

This was my last day in Moab and I will admit that I was tired. I had one more ride to do before I left and that was Slickrock again, only in the clockwise direction. That's, supposedly, the "easier" direction but it's difficult to tell.

I packed up my campsite and drove to the trailhead were I tossed out my trash and started my ride on Slickrock. There was an incredibly strong wind blowing and it was blowing steadily. It was a battle when it was a headwind and it was a pleasure when it was a tailwind. It was tricky when it was blowing from the side and I was next to a steep drop off. There was very little space between successfully negotiating a difficult spot and total catastrophe.

As I was riding through the private property land I saw some people who were using the ziplines. I thought about stopping and taking a picture or video of them but I decided to keep riding. As I was passing them a couple of the zipliners got out their cameras and took a picture of me.

I managed to make it around the loop without any serious crashes and I skipped the practice loop so I could get on the road to home a few minutes sooner.

Mission Accomplished in Moab, Utah!

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