Friday, November 17, 2017

Location =  Mars Court  
Distance =  12.48
Time =  1:59:33
Ave. Speed =  6.3
Max. Speed =  34.5
Monthly Dist. =    72.48
Yearly Dist. =  968.77

I felt like I needed a mountain bike ride so I waited until it warmed up into the 50s and then I headed over to Mars Court. My plan was to ride over to Joe's house and visit a little bit and then come home. I ended up going the long way to get there.

I started out by heading down Wild Turkey to Cajun Pine and then I went down to David Canyon Road and took that to the far end of Cajun Pine. By taking this different route from usual it would have me trying to find the trail to Joe's house from the opposite direction than I usually do. As I neared the area where the trail would be, I could see some fresh masticating had been done. If the trail went through there it would be completely obliterated and impossible to find from this side of his neighborhood. I looked very carefully but I couldn't see any trace of the trail. At one point I backtracked thinking that maybe I had missed it, but I quickly realized that it was hopeless, and I headed for Southern Crossing trail to get to his house from the other direction.

I took Southern Crossing to the other side of the highway and then I went up Deadman and crossed back over the highway and into Entrada de Cibola, which is where Joe lives. He was home so I visited for a while and then I went up the road from his house and headed to the forest to find the hidden trail. My quest was successful and the trail came out into the masticated area, just as I suspected. I piled up some sticks so that I can find it again and I tried to keep a picture of the location in my mind. I'll find out how well that worked the next time I go and visit Joe.

I headed home by way of Cajun Pine and Wild Turkey without any issues. It felt good to be out on the trail.

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