Cool Dust

Rides of 2006

* Denotes Rides with Pics

Streak Ride #13 - A Nightmare --> Read Me
Ride with Don - New Mountain Bike Parts --> Read Me
Night Ride - Small Animals --> Read Me
Struggle to Climb on the Road Bike --> Read Me
Two Crashes --> Read Me
Fun Ride on the Foothills Trails --> Read Me
Quick Ride on the Road Bike --> Read Me
Ride with Don --> Read Me
Streak Ride #14 - The Backside --> Read Me
City Ride from the Transmission Shop to the Office --> Read Me
Two Rides - Dog Trouble --> Read Me
Spanked by Don --> Read Me
Warm Evening - Weird Guys --> Read Me
New Foothills Trails --> Read Me
Foothills Ride - Signed up for Moab --> Read Me
Climbs and Intervals --> Read Me
Warm Ride on the Road with Don --> Read Me
Couple Warm Rides - Almost Killed a Coyote --> Read Me
Streak Ride #15 - Baseball Practice --> Read Me
Wind Assist to Juan Tabo --> Read Me
Ride with Don to the New House --> Read Me
Streak Ride #16 - Foiled by Rain --> Read Me
Streak Ride #16 --> Read Me
Ride to the Crest - Lost Hiker --> Read Me
Fast Climb to Juan Tabo - Warm --> Read Me
More Climbing to the Crest --> Read Me
Two Amazing Guys --> Read Me
Streak Ride #17 - Finish at the New House --> Read Me
First Ride from the New House --> Read Me
Albuquerque Open Space --> Read Me
I Beat the Train! --> Read Me
Memorial Day - Quest for Steaks --> Read Me
Down the Hill and Back --> Read Me
Streak Ride #18 --> Read Me
Checking out Otero Canyon --> Read Me
Hot Ride in Roswell --> Read Me
Down the Mountain - Up the Mountain --> Read Me
King of the Mountain Trail to Sandia Crest --> Read Me
Nearby Thunderstorm --> Read Me
Streak Ride #19 --> Read Me
Fire Restrictions have been Lifted! --> Read Me
Riding in the National Forest --> Read Me
Long Road Bike Ride --> Read Me
Trail Riding --> Read Me
Long Day on the Trails --> Read Me
Riding on the Freeway --> Read Me
I Feel Weak --> Read Me
Trail Ride into the Night --> Read Me
Streak Ride #20 - Leg Cramps --> Read Me
Exploration and Dead Ends --> Read Me
Mountain Lion in the Backyard! --> Read Me
Long Ride to Stanley and Back --> Read Me
Another Day of Exploration --> Read Me
Muddy Ride --> Read Me
Rain on Me --> Read Me
Pit Bull Encounter --> Read Me
Hard as Hell Hill --> Read Me*
Ride to the Crest with Company --> Read Me*
Long Ride, into the Darkness --> Read Me*
Moab, UT - Greatest Place on Earth --> Read Me*
Moab, UT - Porcupine Rim --> Read Me*
Moab, UT - Search for the 24 Race Course --> Read Me*
Slickrock Trail - Beat me up, and the Bike --> Read Me*
Enchanted Circle - Failure --> Read Me*
The Hills have Eyes --> Read Me*
Explore the World --> Read Me*
I'll Never Tell --> Read Me
Failed Streak Ride #21 --> Read Me
Pathetic Trail Ride --> Read Me
Streak Ride #21 - Sheriff Action --> Read Me
Trail Ride with Don --> Read Me
Night Riding --> Read Me
Streak Ride #22 --> Read Me*
More Trail Riding --> Read Me
The Rain Missed Me --> Read Me
Shakedown Ride - Shook Me Down --> Read Me
Practice Ride Before the Race --> Read Me
24 Hour Race at Moab - Total Disaster --> Read Me*
65 Miles to Pick up the Mail --> Read Me*
Trail Ride with Don --> Read Me
Riding in Page, AZ --> Read Me*
We Tried, But We Couldn't Do It --> Read Me*
Streak Ride #23 --> Read Me*
Nice Trail Ride - More Exploration --> Read Me
Totally Depressed on Thanksgiving - Then Salvation --> Read Me
Streak Ride #24 - Cold Toes --> Read Me
Good-Bye 2006 --> Read Me

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