Location =        Tijeras NM
Distance =         10.18
Time =                 1:18:26
Ave speed =       7.7
Max speed =      35.0
Monthly Dist =   81.14
Yearly Dist =      81.14

I wasn't intending to go for a ride today, but neighbor Don called wanting to go, and I can't say no. I needed to get my mountain bike out for a test ride, anyway, because I just spent a bunch of money on new parts. I had to replace my bottom bracket, rear wheel (including hub), rear cassette, chain rings, brake lever/shifters, and grips. I have been neglecting my baby for a long time, and it was overdue for some love.

Neighbor Don drove us to Tijeras, and we were looking for a certain trailhead at the end of Via Sedillo Rd., but we couldn't find it because of new housing construction. We drove back to Five Hills Rd., and parked there, and headed up into the hills.

We found some really nice trails, but we weren't able to explore them too much, because we got a late start. We are just going to have to come back again, another time.

I was a still a little bit tired from yesterday's "ride of brutality" but I loosened up, and got into the swing of things. Don is really fast, and he makes me work to keep up with him. My bike was awesome, and seemed to flow over the earth with ease. It was paying me back for the parts upgrade. Sweet!!!

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