Location =        Foothills Trails
Distance =         16.16
Time =                 2:01:44
Ave speed =       7.9
Max speed =      26.5
Monthly Dist =   97.30
Yearly Dist =      97.30

I went out for a night ride when I got home from work. I had about thirty minutes of fading twilight, before I had to turn on my headlight. It was a beautiful evening for a ride, with temps starting out in the 40s, but dropping quickly into the 30s, once the sun went down. My toes were cold by the time I made it back to the house.

My legs felt like they had a little bit of zip to them tonight. I was powering up hills faster than usual, and using bigger gears. Progress! I struggled climbing the short steeps that go up to the water tanks at the tram, and I ended up walking a little bit, but I did better than the last time I tried. I should clear everything, on my next attempt.

It was a very busy night for critters. There were a couple of quail running around by the driveway as I started out, and I saw a couple dozen rabbits. They seemed to be everywhere. I saw a jack rabbit at one point, which hasn't happened that often. The other kind are cottontails. I also saw several pack rats, and almost squished one under my tire. He scooted by with an inch to spare.

The year is getting off to a good start, as far as riding goes. The weather is being very cooperative. Every day is sunny and mild, for as far as the forecasters can see. No rain. No snow. No clouds. It's wonderfully boring.

The new parts are performing well on my bike, but I have a question about my shifter/levers. When I use the rear shifter, and shift into an easier gear, the indicator moves to the "H", which I would guess would mean higher. When I shift into a harder gear, the indicator moves to the "L", which I would guess would mean lower. Does anyone know why this is? The guy at the bike shop didn't seem to know. It seems odd that a new product would be backwards like that. Just another one of life's little mysteries, I guess.

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