Location =        Albuquerque NM
Distance =         12.32
Time =                 1:07:24
Ave speed =       10.9
Max speed =      41.0
Monthly Dist =   109.62
Yearly Dist =      109.62

I took the road bike out for a spin up to the Juan Tabo Picnic Grounds. I started out strong, but quickly became fatigued. My body seemed to be telling me that it didn't want to do this. My lungs couldn't seem to deliver enough air for my legs to keep turning the pedals. My heart and lungs kept saying, "Please don't make me do this, I don't want to do this. Please don't make me do this, I don't want to do this...".

I forced myself to make it to the parking area, but it wasn't easy. It's only a twenty minute climb, of about 900 feet, but it seemed to go on forever. It took me more than twenty three minutes to get there, so obviously, I need to practice it some more.

The very first time that I put a stopwatch to the effort, I made it in twenty minutes, and ten seconds. I thought that I would easily break the twenty minute mark after that, and make in nineteen minutes. No such luck. I haven't come close to that time, since that first try. I think that part of the problem is my rear tire. After that first time, I bought a new tire for my back wheel, because I was having a lot of flats, but it seems to have a lot of drag and friction. It's great for going downhill, but it doesn't seem to roll very fast on the climbs. If I rub it with my glove, it feels sticky, compared to the front tire. I thought I was buying the exact same tire, but there must be a difference. I'm going to get a new tire, and save this one for wet pavement.

It was another mild day, with temps in the 50s. About halfway up the climb, I began to overheat, and I had to unzip my jacket, and my shirt. Surprisingly, it was a cloudy day, but no chance of rain.

After Juan Tabo, I climbed up to La Cueva, because I needed that practice, and then I headed for home. I saw my wife out walking the dog as I neared the house. Everyone was out getting their exercise.

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