Location =        Albuquerque NM Foothills Trails
Distance =         15.29
Time =                 2:00:27
Ave speed =       7.5
Max speed =      28.0
Monthly Dist =   124.91
Yearly Dist =      124.91

There was a little bit of daylight left, as I started out on my ride. I rode up to the water tanks at the tram, and this time I made it. I cleared the four, short little steeps fairly easily. I have been doing some exercising on my days off from riding, and I think that it is helping. I wasn't very fast tonight, but I felt strong.

There was a bright clear moon out, above the mountain, but it won't be a full moon for a couple more days. I cruised through the trails, just enjoying the beautiful evening. I had thoughts of adding some forbidden trail riding to my travels, but it was cold out, and I didn't want to spend the extra time.

I headed for home, with thoughts of warm toes and fingers running through my mind, and I think it caused me to lose a little bit of focus, regarding what I was doing. I came around one curve a little bit too fast, plowed my front wheel into a pile of sand on the edge of the trail, and launched myself over the handlebars. I landed softly in deep sand, with a big smile on my face, grateful that I missed any cactus that may have been laying in wait for me. I got back on the bike and continued toward home, anticipating the expected warmth. A few minutes later, I came to a rocky section of trail that requires brute force to clear, and some luck, and I didn't quite have enough of either. I went down again, only this time it wasn't in soft sand, but rather, hard rock. I bruised my left thigh, my right shin, and when I got home, I realized that I had a scrape on my shoulder. I wasn't sure if I drew blood out of my shin, but it was too cold to check, and I could wait until I got home to find out. When I walked in the door of the house, K.D. dog came over and started licking my tights, so I knew that I had indeed, drawn blood. That dog loves blood. I try not to give her too many opportunities to get some, that way she appreciates it more, as a special treat.

Thirty minutes, and a hot shower later, I was back to normal. I'm looking forward to warmer evenings, so that I can stay out longer, and cover more ground. There are a few other diehards out there riding around such as myself, so I am not the only lunatic who has to get his miles in.

Happy Trails!

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