Location =        Juan Tabo Picnic Grounds
Distance =         14.61
Time =                 1:23:44
Ave speed =       10.4
Max speed =      37.0
Monthly Dist =   159.74
Yearly Dist =      159.74

I rode over to the Juan Tabo Picnic Grounds, and made the climb two times. I was very slow, but it felt good to get out. I took the road bike for it's first ride, since I had it in for a tune up. It turns out that the dragging feeling, which I thought was my rear tire, was really just poor mechanical work on my part. I think that when I changed the tire, I put the wheel back on the bike a little bit crooked, and the brake was rubbing slightly, on the rim. I suck at working on my own bike. Let this be a lesson to me...

It was a cool morning, with temps in the 40s, and partly sunny skies. We sure could use some rain or snow, but until it starts coming down, I'll keep on riding!

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