Location =  Tijeras to Albuquerque  
Distance =  59.02
Time =  4:26:58
Ave. Speed =  13.2
Max. Speed =  39.0
Monthly Dist. =    121.78
Yearly Dist. =  121.78

I was in desperate need of a bike ride, so I decided to ride to Albuquerque on the road bike, and cash a check at the Sandia Labs Credit Union branch, on Paseo del Norte. I headed out around 10:00am, with temps right around freezing, but warmer down below.

I started out quite fast, and kept it up for a long time. I went down the mountain, through Tijeras canyon, up Tramway, and down Paseo. I sped passed the credit union, deciding to stop on the way back. I rode to Louisiana, and then up to Florence. It me only took 90 minutes to get there, probably because it was mostly downhill, except for some of Tramway. I was flying. I went on Florence over to Wyoming, and then stopped to take a picture at a sculpture on Wyoming and Corona. I didn't stop for long, went to the credit union, and then headed for home. It was quite a bit slower going, on the way back. I was tired from the speed of the ride in, and the uphill trend was weakening me. By the time I was mid-climb on the way up South 337, I was pretty wiped out. I'm glad that I have low gears, because I was using them.

Riding conditions have been improving lately. There have been several days of melting up high, so the snow cover is shrinking. There's still one or two feet in the National Forest, but the roads are mostly clear of snow and ice. Albuquerque doesn't have any snow. I might have to take the mountain bike for a ride on the foothills trails, and see how they are doing.

Today, there's another piece of my heart missing. I can't tell you why.

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