Location =  Albuquerque NM  
Distance =  8.21
Time =  45:59
Ave. Speed =  10.7
Max. Speed =  18.2
Monthly Dist. =    87.59
Yearly Dist. =  260.32

I didn't really want to go riding today, but I had to get my car over to the transmission shop, and I needed my company truck to do some work, so I used my bike to get from the tranny shop, to the office. My butt was really sore from yesterday's ride, so I took it easy, and cruised the streets and arroyos. I used one arroyo to get me all the way to the Winrock Mall. I'll always prefer to take a trail, rather than the street, even if it is a longer route. I'm more than willing to sacrifice speed, for safety.

It was a sunny day, a little bit cool, and very windy. A lot of dust was getting blown around town. I made it to the office, unlocked the front door, and turned off the alarm. I opened the back door, and went to open the gate to get my truck out, but I couldn't because the lock was on the other side. I walked through the shop, locking the back door, turning on the alarm, and locking the front door. I went around and unlocked the gate, and then realized that I would set off the alarm if I tried to take my truck out. I went back in the building, turned of the alarm, went back out to move my truck around, locked the gate, locked the back door, set the alarm, and locked the front door. It sure seemed like a lot of work, just to get my truck out of the yard.

It wasn't very much of a bike ride, but any ride is worth writing about!

It's Super Bowl Sunday, and I wish that I could say that the Seattle Seahawks had just beaten the Pittsburgh Steelers, but I can't. The Hawks were robbed!

Oh well. There's always next year!

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