Location =  Foothills Trails  
Distance =  30.67
Time =  3:57:41
Ave. Speed =  7.7
Max. Speed =  30.5
Monthly Dist. =    160.29
Yearly Dist. =  333.02

I've been in Albuquerque for more than a year, and I've explored all of the trails in the foothills, near my house, but I have never been to the trails a few miles to the south, up Indian School Rd. My goal for this ride was to ride through the trails as usual, and then head down Tramway, and explore some new area.

I began the ride after 11:00am, because I wanted the temps to get up out of the 30s. It was cool out at first, but it warmed up all the way in to the 60s, before the day was over. About halfway through the park, there is a little spur trail that I have never checked out, so I decided to stop there for a break. The trail probably goes into the wilderness area, where bikes aren't allowed, so I just went a short distance, and stopped at a spot that was protected by three large boulders, and some bushes, that made a nice place to get out of the wind. As I was sitting there, two riders on horseback came up the trail, and passed by, within 20 feet of me. Neither rider noticed me, but both of the horses did.

It was a busy day on the trails, with lots of hikers and bikers, out enjoying the spring like day. I continued through the park, exited at Embudito, rode down to Tramway, and up Indian School, to the new territory. I decided to try the trails on the high side of the park, and found myself following some power lines. Whenever power lines are involved, it always seems that really difficult riding will be found there. This was no exception, and I had to walk up the ends of a couple of tough climbs that I couldn't quite clear. Then I made the mistake of continuing to follow the uphill trail, which became mostly unrideable as it snaked it's way through a steep gully, and along the hillsides. Eventually, I rejoined the main trail, and looped around the park. The area is not very large, but it is carved up with dozens of trails going in all directions. I'll have to return for further exploration. I took another break near the southern end, and I could see more trails that appeared to lead all the way down to the I40 freeway. I rode the easy trails back to Indian School, and then headed for home on Tramway.

Before I called it quits, I went up Bear Canyon back into the park, and took the trails back to home. I was tired, and it showed when a young woman jogging, passed me, and I couldn't keep up with her.

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