Location =  Foothills Trails  
Distance =  14.24
Time =  1:56:28
Ave. Speed =  7.3
Max. Speed =  26.0
Monthly Dist. =    174.53
Yearly Dist. =  347.26

It's been three years since I have had a major goal to work toward, and I have been suffering from lack of motivation, ever since. Yesterday, I signed myself up to ride solo, in the 24 hours of Moab race. Their web site said that I had to submit a race resume, which would have to be approved before I could be accepted. They took my credit card, and I'm listed as a solo rider on the web site, so I suppose that means I am in. What have I done?!?!?

Oh well. Time to start training. I headed out to the foothill trails, and tried to exert a little bit more effort, than I usually do, which lately, hasn't been very much. I took some trails that I don't normally take, and it was fun heading in directions that I'm not used to.

The short steeps that lead up to the water tank were difficult, as usual, but lately, the trail leading to the steeps, has been even more difficult than the climbs. It's starting to get bogged down with soft sand. We need some rain to pack it down, or wash it away. At one point, my front wheel turned, and I completely left the trail. I looped around a yucca plant, and managed to keep going without having to stop. It's probably a good thing that I practice riding in sand, because Moab usually has plenty of the stuff.

It was a nice afternoon, that turned in to a chilly evening. I needed my headlight for the second half of this ride. I saw a big jack rabbit, and at the end of the ride, coyote eyes were reflected back at me, from my light.

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