Location =  Juan Tabo Picnic Grounds  
Distance =  12.01
Time =  1:01:06
Ave. Speed =  11.8
Max. Speed =  38.5
Monthly Dist. =    114.25
Yearly Dist. =  505.09

I took the road bike out for a ride up to the Picnic Grounds. It was really windy. On the weather report, they said that Albuquerque reported a top gust of 51 miles an hour. I set a new record time, climbing up to the parking lot. I had a 30 mile an hour tailwind, that blew me up the first half of the mountain. After Tierra Monte, the road turned back behind a hill, and the wind wasn't quite as strong, but whenever it made itself felt, it was always a tailwind. My time was 19:55. I finally broke the 20 minute mark, even if it was because of the wind. When I do it again, without the wind, I'll know that I'm getting stronger.

The downhill was exciting, because the wind in my face, added to my own speed, caused the bike to be unstable, forcing me to keep a death grip on the handlebars, so that I wouldn't be blown over.

I still had some daylight left, so I went to the stretch of road where I do my intervals, and did 6, 30 second intervals, with short rests in between. They were really hard, but I could tell that it was helping me to improve my recovery time.

When I began the first interval, it started to snow on me. Only about 20 snowflakes fell, but it seemed to be trying to tell me something. It was overcast gray, and cool, with temps in the 40s.

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