Location =  Juan Tabo Picnic Grounds  
Distance =  19.33
Time =  1:41:30
Ave. Speed =  11.4
Max. Speed =  41.0
Monthly Dist. =    43.13
Yearly Dist. =  1083.78

I rode out to Juan Tabo, and made the climb in 19:25, equalling my previous fastest time. I started out quickly, and lost some energy about 2/3 of the way up, and shifted in to a lower gear. I'm going to keep trying to get faster, and aim for a time in the 18 minute range. I rode down to the bottom, and then headed up for a second climb.

On the second climb, I caught up with a guy on a mountain bike, that I had seen riding up the road before, on several occasions. I'd also noticed that he made multiple climbs, and clearly was a strong rider. I slowed down and talked to him for a little while. His name is Dax, and he does 4 climbs, on a full suspension mountain bike. He is definitely working hard. After a few minutes, I spun off, and cruised toward the top.

As I neared the last few curves, I heard loud breathing behind me, much like my own, and a guy flew passed me, like the wind. When I made it to the top, he was up there catching his breath, and whining about not having his inhaler. The guy is lightning fast, and an asthmatic as well. I asked him how fast his time was, and he said 15:40. Amazing! His name was Mark, and he's training for the Iron Horse Classic also. I thought that he was younger than me, but then he said that he was going to be riding in the 55 to 60 year old, age bracket. Phenomenal! He is definitely hard core. He had all of the gadgets, including a power meter. He told me that he made the entire climb out of the saddle. I was very impressed. It gives me something to aspire to, even if it may never be attainable. Both of the guys that I met today, were totally awesome, in their own way.

I went down and made a third climb up to the top, in a time of 21:00, and then headed for home. It was a partly cloudy afternoon, with temps again, in the low 80s. I was starving when I made it back, and proceeded to eat handfuls of trail mix, and pistachio nuts.

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