Location =  Sandia Crest  
Distance =  65.85
Time =  4:58:41
Ave. Speed =  13.2
Max. Speed =  41.0
Monthly Dist. =    108.98
Yearly Dist. =  1149.63

I talked with N.D. last night, about doing a crest ride this morning, but the weather report said showers, so we decided to put it off until Sunday. Wouldn't you know it, morning arrives to perfect, blue, cloudless, skies. He'd already made plans, but I decided to head out for the climb. This was going to be a combo ride, because I left from the old house, and finished at the new house.

I headed down Tramway, and stopped at almost every intersection, for red lights. It was a slow, frustrating start. The tempo increased once I headed east toward Tijeras, and continued nicely, up highway 14. I stopped at my break spot for a quick power bar, and then began the climb toward the crest. The creek at the break spot has not had any water in it, yet this year. Last year it was flowing with water all winter, and all the way into August. We sure could use some rain.

I climbed toward the crest, maintaining a fairly brisk, pace. A couple of guys passed me like I was standing still, and a couple more passed me with some effort. I managed to pass a couple of people on the way up. It was extremely busy on the road, as dozens of bikers were out, making their training rides. I think that lots of people from Albuquerque, are going to be at the Iron Horse Classic.

I made it to the top in 3 hours, and 8 minutes, of ride time. That's a pretty fast time for me. I was able to use my second gear, rather than the first, and I felt pretty strong, doing it. Progress!

I rode down to highway 14, and then back to Tijeras, but instead of heading for home, I went up South 14, (337), to the new house. I had intentions of taping newspaper around the walls, in anticipation of painting, but instead I laid down on the back deck, and waited for my wife to come and get me. That's a 10 mile climb up to the new house, after a 14 mile climb, up to the crest. I was wasted.

It was a beautiful day, with temps mostly in the 70s. It wasn't too bad at the top of the mountain, with temps in the 50s. I didn't need my arm or leg warmers, only my windbreaker, to make the descent. It was breezy off and on, and just plain windy on highway 14. All in all, it was quite an excellent ride.

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