Location =  Manzanita Mountain Trail System  
Distance =  18.40
Time =  2:15:32
Ave. Speed =  8.1
Max. Speed =  32.5
Monthly Dist. =    144.22
Yearly Dist. =  1184.87

I spent the first half of the day, painting at the new house, and I managed to finish one room. To reward myself, I decided to go for a bike ride. I brought the mountain bike up here yesterday, so I was prepared. I started out by exploring the streets of the neighborhood. Almost all of them are dead ends, and I checked out as many as I came across. Near the end of Skyland, a guy has a collection of MG cars in his yard. He had at least, a couple dozen or so. I doubt if any of them run. I continued around the neighborhood, until I came to Mars Ct., which I immediately realized, was what I had been looking for. It was a trailhead entrance to the trail system. The trails are currently closed because of extreme fire danger, but I figured that my bike wasn't likely to have any sparks, so I headed down the forest road.

I passed a couple of side trails, and spur roads to wood cutting areas, and headed south, until I ran into the air force base property. The signs that said keep out, violators will be prosecuted, and DANGER, unexploded ordinance, were enough to make me turn around and go back.

I came across a single track trail called, Turkey Trot, and followed it down into David Canyon. A sign told me where I was, which was convenient. I took another forest road to the south, but it dead ended at the Isleta Indian Reservation. A big No Trespassing sign, by Order of the Governor, made be turn back again. Turkey Trot led me back to Mars Ct., and I went home from there. I know that if I continue to the north, I can get to Otero Canyon, and Tunnel Canyon. I've got some exploring to do.

It was a warm day, with temps in the 80s, and a little bit muggy, at least by New Mexico standards, but no chance of rain.

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