Location =  Tijeras to Cedar Crest  
Distance =  40.06
Time =  3:44:45
Ave. Speed =  10.7
Max. Speed =  36.0
Monthly Dist. =    322.08
Yearly Dist. =  1362.73

I took the mountain bike out for a ride, and rode over to the convenience/grocery store on the highway, to see if they might have any steaks for a bar-b-que. They didn't, but they had some nice looking garlic cloves, so I bought a couple of them, and then rode back to the house to drop them off, and pick up the mail on the way. On the way to the store on Nightengale, a pit bull charged me, but when I dismounted the bike, he backed off. I definitely need to get some kind of a weapon.

I left the house, and rode over to Oak Flat, and into the Albuquerque Open Space. The National Forest is still closed, and I heard on TV that $125.00 tickets will be issued if they catch you in the closed areas. I rode toward the north, and came upon a trail called Mahogany Trail. There was no sign saying that it was in the closed area, but it was. I stopped for a break in the sun, and ate a power bar. I continued down Mahogany, until it dumped me out on Juan Tomas. The yellow tape across the trail made it obvious that the trail was closed, so I took Juan Tomas back to the highway.

I still had a craving for some steaks, so I rode down the highway, all the way in to Cedar Crest, and bought some steak and mushrooms at the Triangle Grocery. I secured the goodies to my camelback, and then made the long climb back up to the house.

It was a nice day, a little bit breezy, but not too hot, with temps in the 80s.

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