Location =  Tijeras to Sandia Crest  
Distance =  60.62
Time =  4:25:38
Ave. Speed =  13.7
Max. Speed =  42.0
Monthly Dist. =    60.62
Yearly Dist. =  1446.15

It's June, so it's time for another ride up to the crest. This makes 18 months in a row. This was the first time that I left from the new house, and returned to the new house. It's a shorter ride by 10 miles, but I think that it is more difficult, because it has more climbing.

I started out with the long descent, down to the freeway, spinning my biggest gear, as fast as I could. For some reason, this causes my heart rate to skyrocket, even more than climbing does. Can someone explain to me why that is? Anyway, I managed to hit a maximum heart rate of 213 beats per minute. How is that possible?

Once I was at the bottom of the mountain, I climbed through Cedar Crest, and reached the bottom of the big climb, in only 52 minutes. That's about 30 minutes quicker, than from the old house. I did not stop for a break, and rode the first half of the climb in my middle chain ring. I dropped down into the small ring for the second half of the climb, because the road tends to steepen up there. My heart rate stayed in the low 140s, high 130s, for most of the climb. It was one of my fastest trips ever, to the top.

I stopped briefly for a power bar break, and then I headed down the mountain. I did a little bit of pedaling on the way down, easily driving my heart rate into the 190s, but mostly I coasted, and the rate fell into the 90s. I had a little bit of a twinge of a cramp in my left leg, so I backed off, drank all of my water, and cruised in to the Ranger Station in Tijeras, to replenish my camelback, for the climb back up to the house.

It was a beautiful sunny day, with temps varying from the 70s at the top, to the 90s at the bottom. I saw a deer on the ride down from the crest. I passed him going 40 mph. I'm glad he didn't decide to jump out in front of me.

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