Location =  Tijeras NM  
Distance =  20.08
Time =  1:35:47
Ave. Speed =  12.5
Max. Speed =  39.5
Monthly Dist. =    20.08
Yearly Dist. =  1613.62

I wanted to go for a long ride, but there was a big, scary, thunderstorm, just to the north and east. Clouds were dark and gray, and flashes of lightning, and rumbles of thunder, could be seen and heard in the distance. I did not want to have a repeat of getting caught in an icy rainstorm, so I decided to stay close to the house.

I rode out to the highway, and then turned south and rode to 217, before heading back. I turned up Anaya, and then I took a street I hadn't been on before, Gonzales. Gonzales appeared to be a back way into Edgewood, and I stayed on it until it turned in to dirt. I'll have to bring the mountain bike so that I can continue the exploration.

I headed back to Anaya, and then went home on Oak Flat. The storm never did get me, but it was close. Temps were in the 80s.

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