Location =  National Forest  
Distance =  17.51
Time =  2:25:21
Ave. Speed =  7.2
Max. Speed =  31.5
Monthly Dist. =    215.79
Yearly Dist. =  1809.33

I took the mountain bike out for some more exploration of the National Forest trails. I found a couple more trails that I had yet to ride on, and I went out and back on a few others so that I could better learn where they went. I took it fairly easy, because I am still riding on a bad rear tire, but I made sure that I didn't get too far from the house, in case I had to walk back.

It was a beautiful day, and hot, with temps in the 90s. I came across a couple of other riders who were out enjoying the evening. They were struggling up Turkey Trot trail, and it looked like they were going to get caught out after dark, depending upon where they parked, or who knows, maybe they were like me, and rode from home.

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