Location =  Tijeras NM  
Distance =  31.10
Time =  2:25:22
Ave. Speed =  12.8
Max. Speed =  42.0
Monthly Dist. =    278.38
Yearly Dist. =  1871.92

I went out on the road bike, with good intentions of doing some wind sprints, but I was burned out from yesterday's ride, and last night's baseball tournament. I just couldn't get my body to put out maximum effort. I needed to rest, so I decided not to push the issue, and just took it easy.

Road construction is happening on Interstate 40, in Tijeras Canyon, and the westbound lanes are closed. Nobody was working out there on a Sunday, so I rode passed the barricades at the on-ramp, and entered the freeway. The westbound traffic was merging onto the eastbound side of freeway, but I was seperated from the cars by barrels. Shortly, I had the westbound lanes all to myself. The beginning of the roadway was dug up, but about a helf mile up the road, the cement was intact, and I was cruising down the middle of the road, without a care in the world. It was an eerie feeling having the freeway to myself, and I kept wanting to look over my shoulder, and make sure that no cars were coming.

I rode down to Carnuel, where the cars moved back over to my side, so I turned around and headed back to the on-ramp. It was fun being out on the roadway, putting some of our tax dollars to work, on my bicycle!

It was another terrific day, with temps mostly in the 80s.

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