Location =  Cibola National Forest  
Distance =  22.80
Time =  3:20:16
Ave. Speed =  6.8
Max. Speed =  25.5
Monthly Dist. =    35.94
Yearly Dist. =  1907.86

This ride was a big loop, that drops all the way down to Otero Canyon, and comes all the way back up to Turkey Trot. It encompasses most of the best trails on this side of the Highway. I have decided to call this ride, the "West Side Ride". This is a challenging ride, and if you did it in reverse, it would be even harder.

I got another late start, so I took my headlight along again, and this time I used it. I stayed out on the trails until after 10:00pm. There were a number of places along the trail, where puff ball mushrooms were growing. My headlight made them glow brightly, from out of the dirt. Most of them were small, so I imagine that there could be a bountiful harvest, in a day or two.

I saw a medium sized owl fly up from the trail, and I heard another one, screech, not too far away from me. Also, there were several bats that I crossed paths with, and they seemed unnervingly, large. I had a couple of bad experiences with bats in Idaho, and I am very wary of the critters.

It was another pleasant evening, with temps in the 70s.

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