Location =  Tijeras to Stanley  
Distance =  86.80
Time =  5:30:12
Ave. Speed =  15.7
Max. Speed =  41.0
Monthly Dist. =    223.21
Yearly Dist. =  2095.13

It rained a bit last night, and the forest up here looked to be wet, so I decided to go for a road ride today. I headed down the mountain, and then went east on old 66, through Edgewood, to Moriarity. From there I took highway 41 north, to Stanley. That was a really nice road to ride along. It has a very large shoulder, and rumble strips next to the lane. To top things off, there was hardly any traffic. The road runs all the way to Santa Fe, so I may come back, and explore it further.

I practically flew all the way to Stanley, and when I turned around to head back, I realized why. I had a strong tailwind pushing me along, on the way out, and now it was a strong headwind, to make my life difficult, for the way back. There was a road that left Stanley, 472, that had a sign for Edgewood 17 miles, and I was tempted to take it to see where it went, but the surface was tar and gravel, and I would have been fighting little stones the entire way back. Also, I was low on water, and there would be more opportunities to get something to drink, if I just went back the way I came.

I finally ran out of water, just before I crested Sedillo Hill, but from there it's mostly downhill into Tijeras, so I was able to make it to the Ranger Station, and fill up the camelback. Except for answering a call of nature in Stanley, my only stop for a break and a power bar, was after 76 miles of riding.

I made the climb back up to the house, while warily watching the clouds form, but it never did rain. It was a nice day, with temps in the 70s and 80s.

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