Location =  Cibola National Forest  
Distance =  16.17
Time =  2:13:31
Ave. Speed =  7.2
Max. Speed =  34.0
Monthly Dist. =    271.33
Yearly Dist. =  2133.25

I got home from work, and headed out for a ride. The sky looked a little bit threatening, so I decided to stay fairly close to home, in case it started to rain. I took the mountain bike, and made a loop around the upper part of the mountain.

It never did rain on me, but the roads and trails were wet enough from previous rains, that many places were sticky with mud. The mud would fill in the spaces between the knobbies on my tires, and cause a serious loss of traction. Also, when I picked up speed, or rode over rocky sections, pieces of mud would come flying off the tires, pelting me from the front, and behind. Most of the mud bounced off of me, as I rode along, but I was a bit of a mess, when I made it back to the house.

There was a steep, rocky, downhill curve, that I lost control on. I had to jump off of the bike to avoid a serious crash. I landed on my hands and feet, and narrowly missed a close encounter with some painful rocks. Luckily, I wasn't going too fast.

It was a pleasant evening, with temps in the 70s.

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