Location =  Albuqurque NM  
Distance =  10.0
Time =  
Ave. Speed =  
Max. Speed =  
Monthly Dist. =    281.33
Yearly Dist. =  2143.25

I put my road bike in the car, before work, and took it over to the old house, for a ride up to the Juan Tabo Picnic Ground, when the work day was over. I forgot my speedometer, so the 10 miles is an estimate. I did have my heart rate monitor watch, so I could track my time, but I didn't have the transmitter.

Skies looked very ugly, but I hoped to get a couple of climbs in, before the water came down. I made a climb up to the parking lot, in the very slow time of 21:15. I zoomed down to the bottom, to try and get a second climb in, all the while lightning and thunder was all around me. I was about two thirds of the way to the top, when it started to rain. I immediately turned around and headed for the house, even though the rain was light at first. The intensity of the rain began to build, as I reached Tramway. When I was about five minutes from the house, the skies opened up into a powerful downpour. I was so glad that I turned back when I did. If I would have continued to the top, I would have suffered at least fifteen of twenty minutes in the deluge. Sometimes you just have to know when to call it quits.

A little ride, is better than no ride.

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