Location =  Tijeras NM  
Distance =  41.26
Time =  4:01:54
Ave. Speed =  10.2
Max. Speed =  40.0
Monthly Dist. =    401.99
Yearly Dist. =  2263.91

A friend of mine named Bill, offered to help move some furniture from the old house, to the new house, before he put the shell on his pickup truck, so I accepted his offer. The plan was to go for a bike ride, and be at his house at 1:00pm. My goal was to ride to Boulder Top Mountain (not it's real name), and then head over to Bill's.

I took the mountain bike down the hill, and along the way there was a beautiful meadow, filled with yellow wildflowers. It was so nice that I stopped to take a picture. A couple of bike riders went by, and asked if I was all right, and did I need anything. I continued on to the bottom of the mountain, and then took old 66 toward Albuquerque. I entered the open space at Hard as Hell Hill (also my made up name). Before attempting the climb, I took a break at my rest spot by the creek, and ate a power bar. The creek was changed quite a bit by the recent heavy rains. A small waterfall that used to be there is gone, and lots of the sides have washed away. There's debris from flooding, at least 8 feet above the creek. You wouldn't have wanted to be standing in the area, during that time.

I climbed up Hard as Hell Hill, having to walk in a couple of places. I think that I could clear the whole thing, with a little bit of practice, and a little bit of luck. I topped out at the water tank, and then I took a road off to the left, thinking that it would be a shortcut to the main road, to Boulder Top. Wrong. I wandered around trying to find the road, with no luck. Eventually, I gave up and turned back, having run out of time.

I made it to Bill's house, and he was taking a nap on his new front deck. Lots of remodeling. He woke up and told me that he had to do something on the Air Force Base at 2:30, so we rescheduled the furniture moving for afterwards.

I stuck to the roads for the ride back up the hill, to the house. I wanted to hit the trails at Tunnel, or Otero Canyons, but I didn't think that I had enough time. I'll ride them next time.

It was a nice day with temps in the 80s. Massive white clouds formed, but it didn't rain.

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