Location =  Tijeras to the Sandia Crest  
Distance =  59.50
Time =  4:41:02
Ave. Speed =  12.7
Max. Speed =  41.0
Monthly Dist. =    461.49
Yearly Dist. =  2323.41

I rode down the mountain to the post office, and met Don and Roger there, for a ride up to the crest. It was windbreaker cool when I left the house, but much warmer at the bottom. Also, there were blue skies down there. It was nice to be able to go for a ride, and not have to worry about threatening clouds.

As we started out, we met up with a guy named Rick, who is a cardiologist, so he and Don had a lot of common acquaintances, in the medical, and bike riding fields. The two of them, and Roger raced up S. 14, and I just tried to hang on. We started up the big climb, and Roger fell back with me. I think he overexerted himself, and he ended up not making it to the top. After a couple of miles, I seemed to gather strength, and I pulled away from Roger, and chased down Don and Rick. Amazingly, I caught up with them, mostly because they were having a leisurely conversation, and not really riding hard. In a few minutes, I decided that they weren't pushing me hard enough, so I pulled out and passed them. Well, that woke them up, and they stopped talking, and started pedalling. Before I knew it, they were gone, and I wouldn't see them again until I reached the top.

Once there, we waited for a few minutes to see if Roger would show up, but he must have bailed out. I took a couple pictures of the nice view, and then we headed back.

Temps were in the 60s and 70s, making it a very comfortable day. I did a lot better today on the ascent, than I did a couple of weeks ago, on my streak ride.

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