Location =  Moab Utah  
Distance =  13.02
Time =  2:19:42
Ave. Speed =  5.5
Max. Speed =  27.5
Monthly Dist. =    13.02
Yearly Dist. =  2371.93

Moab, Utah. I think that Moab is probably my favorite place on earth. It's Disneyland for mountain bikers. It is geologically unique, and incredibly challenging. Just what I need to forget about the stresses of life for a few days.

Before I go on about Moab, I want to make a comment about the month of August. I came up 3 miles short of a 500 mile month. I had every intention of going out on the 31, and getting those 3 miles, but it rained for several hours, and I felt more like packing for my trip to Moab, than going out in to the mud, the wet, and the darkness. There's always this month to try and get in 500 miles.

Anyway, back to Moab. I took Friday off of work, and drove to the Sand Flat State Park, set up my camp, and then headed for the Slickrock Trail. Calling the trail "Slickrock", is really a misnomer, because if anything, it should be called "Stickyrock". The surface is sandstone, and bicycle tires stick to it like glue. Given sufficient leg power, practically any climb can be scaled, approaching near vertical. What a blast! You can see on the right hand side of the picture a series of white dots painted on the rock. That's the trail, and you'd better not lose it. If you do, they may or may not find your dried bones, bleached from the desert sun, and strewn about by coyotes.

I rode the trail in a counter clockwise direction, and stopped now and then to take some pictures. Always impressive, is the spectacular view of Moab, from high up on the trail.

Temps were warm, in the 90s, and there was no chance of rain. A fabulous sunset, finished off the day.

Happiness is a tired body...

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