Location =  Moab Utah  
Distance =  32.09
Time =  4:30:33
Ave. Speed =  7.1
Max. Speed =  24.5
Monthly Dist. =    45.11
Yearly Dist. =  2404.02

Day 2 in Moab, and time to ride the Porcupine Rim Trail. This trail has one of the most spectacular views, of any trail in the world. It is amazing, incredible, fantastic, and awesome!

The trail is extremely rocky, and difficult. It climbs for the first few miles, until it tops out at the viewpoint, then it is all downhill, all the way to the highway. There are more great views along the way. Here's one that I call big rock. As you near the end of the ride, the Colorado River comes into view. Beautiful...

Once I made it down to the road, I headed back to town, and over to the Poison Spider, Bicycle Shop. I wanted to see if any of the bike shop employees could point me toward the location of the 24 hour race that is in October. I had a map, but it wasn't clear to me where it started. A guy there helped me find the entrance off of the highway, but he said that it might be difficult to determine where the actual course was. That was prophetic, but I'll talk more about that in the discussion of the next ride.

It was another hot day, with temps in the 90s.

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