Location =  Moab UT  
Distance =  10.80
Time =  2:21:41
Ave. Speed =  4.5
Max. Speed =  18.6
Monthly Dist. =    94.75
Yearly Dist. =  2453.66

I suppose, if things are going to go wrong, it's better that they should go wrong on the last day of a trip, rather than the first.

I woke up early, had just enough milk left for a bowl of raisin bran, took down the campsite, and then drove over to Slickrock, for one more loop around the trail, before I headed for home. I took the clockwise direction this time, which is marked as the easier direction, but I have my doubts. I came to one steep climb, where I tried to make it around a kid who was standing in the way, and I couldn't make it. I fell over the side of a rock, and I almost took the kid with me. He felt bad, and it was hard to be mad at him, even though he should have gotten the heck out of the way. If I would have been able to breathe, I might have told him to move, but I was too busy sucking wind, and turning the pedals.

I crashed another time or two, before the ride was over, and I was bleeding from both arms, my left leg, and my chest. This is what happens, when you're not careful. Even worse, as I was riding along, I felt a "clunk" come from the front end of my bike, and I realized that I had broken my fork. I tried to put it into lockout mode, but it didn't work. I didn't want to make things worse, so I babied it on the way back to the parking lot, going very slowly, on the downhills. It was fine while I was climbing, but when I was descending, it was an unpleasant feeling to strike a solid object, and not have the front of the bike absorb the impact. My skin will heal, but the bike I'm going to have to pay to get repaired.

All in all, it was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend.

Moab is my Happy Place.

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