Location =  Cibola National Forest  
Distance =  24.02
Time =  2:50:13
Ave. Speed =  8.4
Max. Speed =  37.0
Monthly Dist. =    146.60
Yearly Dist. =  2505.51

I went out again, to the forest after work, and this time I went to the east side of the highway, and found some new trails that I haven't ridden on yet. One was called Gambel Oaks, and another was Pine Flat Loop. I followed another trail to see where it would come out, and it dumped out near the highway, and Thunderbird.

From there, I rode down the highway to Juan Tomas, and then went up the dirt road, all the way to Cedro Peak. Coming down off of the peak, I had to hit my brakes, because a Qwest service truck, was going up. As I neared the campground, I saw a guy coming out of a side trail, so I stopped to ask him where that trail went, and did it come out at Juan Tomas at all. He told me that the trail hooked up with a bunch of other trails, with names that weren't familiar to me, and no, it didn't easily come out at Juan Tomas. There's some more places to explore.

I rode back through the campground, to Juan Tomas, and then headed away from the highway, looking for a trail that I could take back, through the forest. I found one, with the help of my headlight, and it was another new trail that I haven't been on. I made my way up that trail, until it joined up with mahogany trail, which I have been on. I saw a glint on the trail, that seemed unnatural, and when I stopped to investigate, it was a pair of spider eyes, on a very large spider. Eventually, I came out at Oak Flat, and then made my way back to the house.

It was another perfect evening for a ride, with temps in the 60s and 70s.

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