Location =  Cibola National Forest  
Distance =  10.34
Time =  1:33:31
Ave. Speed =  6.6
Max. Speed =  23.5
Monthly Dist. =    235.38
Yearly Dist. =  2594.29

I've been sick with a cold, all week, and I haven't felt much like riding. I forced myself to spend some time on the trainer, a couple of days ago, but except for that, I haven't done anything, all week. I didn't really want to go out tonight, but I felt like I had to.

It was a cool, gray evening, and it was raining lightly. I wanted to ride the "West Side Figure Eight", which I made up, but because it was raining, the wet rocks would be slippery, and treacherous, so I scaled back the ride to the upper half of the mountain.

Towards the end, I rode to the pond, to see if there was any water in it, and there was. I ate a power bar there, and then hid under some trees for a few minutes, while it rained a little bit harder. I climbed up the trail behind the pond, back to Mars Ct., and walked up the slippery rocks, rather than take a chance of falling, and causing bigger problems.

This ride was better than nothing, but not much better.

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