Location =  To Sandia Crest and Back  
Distance =  59.20
Time =  4:54:30
Ave. Speed =  12.1
Max. Speed =  40.0
Monthly Dist. =    59.20
Yearly Dist. =  2748.13

It's a new month, so I decided to get the streak ride out of the way early. I felt a lot better this week, compared to last week, but I'm still not 100 percent. I did manage to accomplish something that I have never done before. I made it all the way to the top of the Sandia Crest, without having to stop, even once. I didn't get tired, no power bars were necessary, I didn't have to put on warmer clothes, nor did I have to answer any calls of nature. That is definitely a first.

When I finally made it to the top, I ate a power bar, and took a short break. It was much wamer than last week, with temps in the 40s, compared to 32 a week ago. I put on extra clothes for the ride down, which was a blast. A car pulled over for me, and let me pass.

On the way down I stopped at the bottom of the ski area, and snapped a picture of Sandia Peak.

I continued down the mountain, and as I head south on highway 14, I passed a familiar person. It was Liz M., the listing agent for my house. She's an avid biker herself, and we talked for a few minutes about all things bicycle, and about the house. It was nice to see her. She and her husband are going to Conyers, Georgia, for the 24 hours World Championships. Good Luck!

I stopped one more time at the ranger station, to get more water for the final climb back up to the house. It was warm and toasty for the ride up the mountain, with temps near 80.

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