Location =  To Moriarty and Back  
Distance =  65.65
Time =  4:27:48
Ave. Speed =  14.7
Max. Speed =  41.0
Monthly Dist. =    145.45
Yearly Dist. =  2834.38

This was another week where I didn't feel much like riding, but once again, I did have a 1 hour spinning class in my kitchen. I started with a 5 minute warmup, a few 1 minute intervals, and then more than 30 minutes at high speed. I kept my heart rate up in to the 150s, for most of the ride. My average was 147 bpm. That's a good improvement over what I have been doing, lately. Progress!

I went for a road ride today. I headed down the mountain, and I managed to push my heart in to a state of overdrive. It seems that if I start out with a good effort on a short climb, and then head down the mountain pushing a big gear at a high speed, I can send my heart rate in to the 200s. It actually hit 219 beats per minute. I probably should be dead. After a while it settles down in to normal ranges of the 120s to the 150s, depending upon how hard I am pushing it. I tried to push it pretty hard, and made good time out to Moriarty.

I turned around at the eastbound freeway entrance, and then headed back. It started to drizzle on me, which was really weird, because I was in bright sunshine. I could see a dark cloud just to the west of me, and the wind was blowing the rain in my direction. As I continued west for about a mile, I noticed that the streets were filled with puddles. It had rained hard within the last ten minutes or so, and somehow it managed to miss me. I usually don't get that lucky, especially lately, but I'll take it.

I rode for a long time, before I stopped. At the 41 mile mark I had to stop and tighten my front wheel quick release, which was coming loose, but I was moving again in less than 10 seconds. I eventually took a break back at the ranger station where I get my water, after riding for more than 56 miles. I chowed down on a power bar, and then made the climb back up to the house.

I felt pretty strong on this ride, and would have stayed out longer, except that I had to be someplace in the afternoon. It was a nice day, with temps in the 60s and 70s. A dark cloud formed over the mountain as I neared my house, but I made it back, before it rained again.

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